Styling Life’s Sweetest Events…

EVJ Wedding Co. {formerly Eventfully, Jacquelyn} is event planning business which embodies the spirit of its founder, Jacquelyn Mavrookas. Inspired by a loving & caring spirit, Jacquelyn & team plans events while sharing vicariously through their client’s happiness & places great emphasis on creating intimate experiences. The kind & generous nature of each planner pervades each event they touch. Their thoughtful & bountiful suggestions will have you thinking that they have known you for a lifetime. Jacquelyn & her Senior Wedding Planning team takes the worry out of planning while transforming your ideas into an organized opportunity for celebrating life!

EVJ Wedding Co. services all of NJ, NYC & coming soon, Los Angeles, CA.

To create a successful event your guests should be enticed from the moment they receive the invitation. From cocktails to dancing & down to the last laugh…every detail will be fine crafted to perfection. Whether you wish to create a spectacular wedding weekend, a black tie dinner or an intimate celebration in your home EVJ Wedding Co. will create an experience of a lifetime, one that allows you to be a guest at your own party & one that will create everlasting memories & cherished moments for you & your guests.

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