Want To Get A Spa-Worthy Pedicure At Home? – Look Out The Steps!

If you want to get the best pedicure at home, you can get that so easily, and you do not even have to spend dollars on that. But you should have to do some hard work because this hard work will give you beautiful feet.

The steps for giving yourself a spa-worthy pedicure are mentioned in the following points-

Soak- The first thing you need to do is to clean, and for that, you need to fill a basin with warm water and put your favorite body soap in there. Then, soak your feet there for at least five minutes.

File- Then removes your feet, and when they are slightly wet, you need to scrub them focus on the rougher area.

Foot scrub- One of the essential tips of a pedicure is scrubbing; you need a soothing foot scrub to remove all the dry skin from there. After you have done this, you can dip your foot back in the tub and wipe off all the excess with the help of a damp towel.

Shape- If you want to do a DIY pedicure at home, then the next step that you can consider is to shape your nails. Give the edges a gentle shape. The person needs to do this step before the cuticle because it can damage the nails.

DIY pedicure

Clean up cuticles- After that, you can apply the remover on each nail, leave it on the nail for one or two minutes, and then remove it. Next, you can choose the cuticle pusher and push the cuticles by laying curved ends.

Polish- The next step you can consider is to put the toe separators and start applying the nail paint you want. Apply a base coat and then let it dry and after that other coat.

Finish with a lotion- For a newbie’s guide to summer pedicure, once you are done with everything, the last thing that you need to do is put the lotion on your feet.